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My purpose is helping leaders and teams achieve tangible results by mastering the agility shift in a resilient way  – and with wit for grit!

Stefka Christodulova


Business & Growth Solutions


Agile Teams

Is your team or organization ready for a more agile way of working? How could an agile performance management system look like for your team or organization? What are the key factors to consider when preparing for the agility shift? Do you need coaching and facilitation for your team based on the Scrum methodology? Do you have a clear focus and purpose on what you want to achieve as a team and to what level you want to go next? People with a sense of impact and meaning are more resilient and are happier. Companies whose employees have a sense of focus and purpose can set achievable goals and have higher level of performance. I help teams prepare for or function in an agile environment.


Leadership and Team Effectiveness

for managing constant change and improving  reinvention skills. Why do we do what we do?  What works, what needs improvement? Do we have all the tools necessary to do our work in the most optimal manner? How do we collaborate? How do we ensure that all team members have the necessary skill set for executing their tasks in a timely manner?  How are leadership decisions being communicated? How do we give each other feedback? I support leaders and teams tackle these questions through professional facilitation and consulting. The new insights and solutions developed in the process help redesigning work processes and structures, clarifying responsibilities and ways of collaboration. This way the leader and team have better ground for setting clear goals and drafting a specific execution plan for increasing their team effectiveness.


Strategic Resilience

for individuals, teams and organizations.  Research clearly shows that the most critical factor to success is resilience, which is how quickly one recovers from setbacks, how well one deals with limited resources, how well one navigates through uncertainty and manages to stay on course, how confident one is to take action and also stay engaged, optimistic and in problem solving mode. I use a scientifically proven methodology, including the best validated resilience assessment to date - the Resilience Factor Inventory® (RFI) - for personal or team resilience profiling. I design customized resilience skills training programs to support leaders and teams boost their individual and team effectiveness. My absolute USP is the combination of solid corporate experience with scientific know-how and hands-on, easy going mentality.


Individual Coaching

Certain matters and dilemmas can be addressed best on a one-to-one basis just because the reasons why individuals get "stuck" or reach a limit can be very different from person to person. Exactly for this reason, I also use a variety of methods and tools to help you individually get from where you are to where you want to be. Whether you are in a leadership role or working as an expert, I can support you sort out your specific key challenges and problem areas as well as your key strengths. We can address team and leadership issues as well as personal issues. The goal is to help you broaden your perspective on new solutions and opportunities. My approach is strength-based and following the principle of "help to self-help" to make you feel more empowered and energized to re-light your passion and excel your results both personally and professionally.


Team Coaching

Team Coaching is seen nowadays as even more needed than individual coaching as it reflects the changing organizational environment and the context of how teams are functioning. As more and more teams must function in a VUCA environment where disruption and complexity are constantly present, they need to increase their ability to function effectively as a self-organized unit in a cross-functional and cross-cultural manner considering a much larger context of stakeholders and the organization as a whole. This can be very painful process because it often happens too fast and unsupported by professional facilitators or coaches who can help the team cope with these new structures. Team coaching is meant to support teams become more collaborative, more self-organized and more future-fit while having all stakeholders in focus.


What I liked most about Stefka’s Resilience Training was her methodological approach, resilience test and empirical data, as well as the combination of in-depth knowledge of the subject, corporate experience and examples of active knowledge application from her personal experience. Each piece of information fills the big puzzle – no less useful things in the field.

Mihaela Mihaylova-Dörfler

Vice Chairman-Management Board, EVN Bulgaria

Stefka has vast experience of working with people from different cultures and different environments. Most importantly, she has what I call personal competence. The feedback from her resilience training for women at Erste was overwhelmingly positive. Everyone appreciated Stefka’s approach both in presenting and explaining the material and her overall training / coaching style. Participants especially appreciated her authenticity and her innate ability to connect with each and everyone and engage each and everyone.

Vera Budway

Chief Diversity Manager, Erste Group

Ein wunderbarer Tag für mich persönlich, um wieder mit mehr Energie in den Job zu starten!

Corina Jerabek

HR Expertin, Erste Asset Management

My resilience journey started with the establishment of a very clear purpose. Stefka provided me with a set of practical tools and techniques, which boosted effectively the growth of my resilience indicators and therefore supported my personal and professional development. Stefka applied a structured approach in all our coaching sessions, which brought fast tangible and meaningful results. We built a specific action plan and followed concrete development steps. Stefka encouraged me to keep focus, to go beyond the surface of emotions and look deeper into the underlying reasons. I am deeply grateful for the achieved progress and results.

Margarita Yonova

HR and Agility Expert, Erste Group Bank AG

Frau Stefka Christodulova hat es im Rahmen der “Diversiy and Inclusion Week” der Bank Austria geschafft, die beiden Themen Resilienz und Gender-Balance in neuartiger Weise miteinander zu verknüpfen. Sie hat die komplexen Zusammenhänge in nachvollziehbarer Form dargestellt und sehr kurzweilig und abwechslungsreich präsentiert. 

Mag. Susanna Knobloch

UniCredit Bank Austria AG

Resilienz ist und wird immer wichtiger für die eigene Lebenszufriedenheit. Steffi’s Resilience Training war großartig, da sie die Teilnehmerinnen zur Selbstreflexion anleitet. Ich kann jeder Person diesen Workshop zur Steigerung der eigenen Resilienz und somit Steigerung der eigenen Arbeits- und Lebenszufriedenheit empfehlen. Danke für diese tolle Erfahrung.

Petra Sörensen

HR Projektmanagerin, Erste Group

Sie schafft den Spagat zwischen Empathie und Analytik perfekt. Professionell und sympathisch. Lösungsorientiert und kompetent.

Gabriele Oliva

Business Development, Boston Scientific Österreich

Our coaching sessions helped to me to look at the problem from a different angle. That’s exactly the situation where Stefka helped me – to think what really bothers me and how I can sort it out.

Elena Vinokurova

IT Consultant

I am extremely happy I had the chance to interact with Mrs. Christodulova, because she is a true professional, whose energy and spirit can be felt immediately when she enters the room. The seminar led by her was nothing short of a life-changing experience to me.

Ekaterina Panayotova

Student, Webster Vienna Private University

Stefka ist eine sehr positive, empathische Trainerin, die möchte bzw. vermittelt, dass alle Seminarteilnehmerinnen mit einem „besseren“ Lebensgefühl das Seminar verlassen. Man spürt die Vision und Mission… Danke! (:

Seminar Participant

Die Dialoge und der Austausch unter den Teilnehmerinnen waren auch sehr wertvoll!

Seminar Participant

Stefka Christodulova besitzt die Gabe,  den Coachee mit einem ganz individuellen Input dort abzuholen, wo es um Verständnis und Vertrauen geht. Sie schafft es durch anschauliche Beispiele klar zu machen, worum es geht und schafft dadurch ein tiefes Verständnis beim Coachee für bestimmte Situationen und Verhaltensweisen und begleitet den Coachee bei dem Entwicklungsprozess in einer besonders liebenswürdigen und freundlichen Art.  Sie vermittelt dabei fachliche Inhalte der Resilienz höchst professionell und authentisch und darüber hinaus, aus einem breiten Wissensschatz,  höchst flexibel passende individuelle Lösungsansätze für den Coachee. Für mich war das Coaching bei Stefka ein toller Erfolg.

Margot Engelhart

Corporate Clients Advisor, Erste Bank

Ich empfinde dieses Seminar als sehr wertvoll, ich habe mich selbst wieder besser kennengelernt und werde versuchen das Gelernte Schritt für Schritt in meinen Alltag aufzunehmen um resilienter zu werden. Vielen Dank!

Seminar Participant

Ich empfinde dieses Seminar als sehr wertvoll, ich habe mich selbst wieder besser kennengelernt und werde versuchen das Gelernte Schritt für Schritt in meinen Alltag aufzunehmen um resilienter zu werden. Vielen Dank!

Seminar Participant

In November 2018 we had the pleasure of having a Webster Career Lunch  with our alumna Stefka Christodulva on Jack Canfield´s Success Priniciples.

Our students learned a lot about how they could become more successful in career and life and thanks to Stefka´s open and positive attitude the workshop was not only very interesting, but also a lot of fun. We hope to welcome her at Webster again soon.

Alexandra Deubner

Senior Career Development Officer, Webster Vienna Private University