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My purpose is to help people re-light their passion, increase their resilience and excel their results – with wit for grit!

Stefka Christodulova

Founder, Consultant, Trainer & Resilience and Success Coach

Business & Growth Solutions


Clear focus and purpose

on what you want to achieve and to what level you want to go next. People with a sense of purpose are more resilient and are happier. Companies whose employees have a sense of focus and purpose can set achievable goals and have higher level of performance.


Specific execution plan

based on the tools and techniques I use, I lead you towards creating a specific execution plan on how to get from where you are, to where you want to go. This can be achieved both on personal and organizational level and the results are then clearly better performance and higher profits. The key to all is execution in a structured manner. Without taking action even the best ideas or plans are worth nothing. And structure is the basic requirement for executing any strategy well, which also influences directly the culture in any organization.


High level of resilience

 to keep your performance and wellbeing sustainable. Research clearly shows that the most critical factor to success is resilience, which is how quickly one recovers from setbacks, how well one deals with limited resources, how well one navigates through uncertainty and manages to stay on course, how confident one is to take action and also stay engaged, optimistic and in problem solving mode. Resilience is also key for team and organizational performance. A personal or team resilience profiling can help you boost your resilience level!


Success Principles for life

based on the Jack Canfield’s methodology and my personal experience, I can support you get from where you are to where you want to be. These proven principles and strategies are well applicable to both individuals and groups and can help you become more successful for the long-run. All it takes is you choosing to make a change and use your willpower to learn and take action, because “nothing will change, until you do” (Jack Canfield)

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