My purpose is helping leaders and teams achieve tangible results by mastering the agility shift in a resilient way  – and with wit for grit!

Stefka Christodulova



is the company I founded for providing high-standard organizational development (OD) consulting, training and coaching services with a particular focus on building personal and organizational AGILITY and RESILIENCE for both individuals and organizations in Austria and Central and Eastern Europe. In 2018 Wit4Grit has been granted the exclusive licence for Austria and CEE by Adaptiv Learning Systems when it comes to validated resilience testing, training and coaching methodology. I also work with a strong team of psychologists, HR, talent management and agility experts to support full scale transformation projects. We combine solid professional expertise and know-how to acknowledge specific needs and unique contexts of individual customers to guarantee exceptional result effectiveness.

The name Wit4Grit stands for my deep belief that commitment to lifelong learning and development is essential for building a growth mindset and grit. “Wit” symbolizes in this case insight, awareness, understanding and wisdom with the bright touch of lightness and sense of humor whenever possible. It also stands for the agility of mind we need for making changes happen more adequately in today’s fast-pace world. “Grit” symbolizes the driving power of passion and perseverance for long-term success which deeply entwines with high level of resilience for life.


My purpose
is to help people re-light their passion, increase their resilience and excel their results – with wit for grit.


My approach
I have a holistic way of working and value practical and hands-on solutions. My approach is strength-based, aiming to empower individuals and organizations build self-reliance for finding the best suitable solutions and becoming more RESILIENT AND SUCCESSFUL.


My expertise
I do that through specific Resilience Profiling (based on the RFI – Resilience Factor Inventory®)and through employing a special mix of tools and techniques from the systemic process consulting, the mental strength field, the positive psychology field and the intercultural competence field. I am a certified Scrum Master, Systemic Organizational Development Consultant and Coach, Trainer, Resilience Training Facilitator, Mental Strength Trainer, Jack Canfield Success Principles™ Trainer. I am not a fan of one size fits all solutions, so I use these synergies to offer tailor-made solutions which I deem most suitable for my clients. I am deeply committed to lifelong learning and holistic development of the mind, spirit and body.


My professional background
I look back at 25 years of international professional experience across a number of industries including Banking, IT, Publishing and Fashion in the fields of HR/learning and development, consulting, marketing, product development and sales. I had been fortunate to work at several small and large companies in Europe and the United States. I have built a solid background in project and program management as well as in organizational and leadership development in international and cross-functional context. My last employment of almost 13 years was at one of the largest banking institutions in Central & Eastern Europe where my passion and leading role for almost 10 years was in leadership development and talent management on multinational level. I still follow this passion through founding Wit4Grit.





My academic background
After graduating from high school in Bulgaria and making my first working experiences there, I received a full academic scholarship from the University of Bridgeport, Connecticut, USA where I gained a Bachelor’s degree in International Business with a Minor in Fashion Merchandising. I gained my Master’s Degree in Marketing from Webster University Vienna, Austria. I enhance my university degrees with a number of professional certifications listed under “My expertise”.

“On the side”
I chose to call Vienna my home in 1998 and still live here with my son and my husband. My life journey has often been off the beaten path which hasn’t made it easy for me but it definitely made me quite resilient. I keep getting up if I fall and usually always get to where I want to get, even if the road isn’t quite straight. I walk the talk and dare go new ways even if I am afraid or fall down sometimes. My ability to deal with ambiguity, to stay open and flexible while not losing sight of my goals and daring to reach out to new possibilities and relationships have often helped me along the way. I take failures as opportunities to learn something new or do something old even better. If one door closes, others open, so I always prefer seeing my glass as half full. I am also very self-motivated and self-determined as I love being independent. But I also love teamwork and highly value the exchange and interaction with growth- and open-minded people. My desire to help and understand the other side is a key driving force for me. And I also love to laugh and to look at the bright side of life. For me success is a journey and not a destination.