Our USP – Building strategic resilience for boosting organizational and team effectiveness.

Building Strategic Organizational Resilience

Organizational resilience refers to the overall work processes and systems that enable a company to swiftly recover from a setback and/or allow for an effective reinvention and further growth in the face of adversities or a disruptive change.


Incorporate resilience building into the overall change management strategy.

Carry through resilience training and coaching of all leaders in an organization.

Follow with facilitated strategy workshops which will review and test the resilience capabilities like agility (speed of reaction, recovery and flexibility) and grit (endurance) in key HR initiatives (e.g. Talent Management, Performance Management) as well as in overall work structures and processes.


Mounting research shows that building organizational resilience can be seen as:

  1. General performance enhancer
  2. Remedy or response to stress or unusual circumstances
  3. An accelerator of team and organizational effectiveness
  4. Enabler for the transformation of an underperforming organization
  5. Core culture builder in start-ups
  6. An essential component of leadership development, especially in difficult and challenging times that is the norm today, and
  7. Supporting transformation and culture change

Boosting Team Resilience for Better Team Effectiveness:

Team resilience creates resilient work processes and structures in a team or in an organizational unit so that high performance is sustained when facing a changing environment or unforeseen requirements.


Resilience testing on an individual level for all team members incl. the leader/Scrum Master/Product Owner

Team Resilience Profile followed by resilience training

Systemic facilitation enables the team to define their own agile workflows that are resilient and can provide a robust basis for continuous improvement and growth

Individual and team coaching to ensure sustainable knowledge transfer and higher resilience on both on personal and team level.


The team will be able to identify blind spots that interfere with their team performance and address them effectively.

The team will become aware of key strengths they can lean against to boost productivity and performance.


I also work alone or with trusted cooperation partners to support your organization in: 

  • Supporting your digital transformation as an Agile Coach, Trainer, Facilitator
  • Taking over the role of a Scrum Master in an agile project
  • The preparation for Agile Performance Management, including dealing with OKRs, agile/Scrum coaching and facilitation, as well as customized process facilitation based on your needs and priorities
  • Achieving higher Leadership and Team Effectiveness through:- The design and setup of Leadership Development Programs

    – The facilitation of Change Management and Reinvention

    – The facilitation of Team Development activities

    – Tackling Talent Management activities