Training is an inseparable part of professional and personal development. It is never too late to learn new skills and develop yourself to reach your full potential. Based on the needs of your organization, I can provide customized trainings on the topics of

Resilience and Mental Strength 

training and coaching is the company’s absolute USP!

Wit4Grit is the exclusive Adaptiv License Partner and Resilience Training Facilitator in Austria and CEE of the Resilience Training Methodology which is based, in part, on the resilience research of the team of Martin E. Seligman at the University of Pennsylvania.

This research was pioneering in the field of resilience in the US and still brings the most solid science based insights on the topic. It was developed into a corporate training program twenty years ago by Adaptiv Learning Systems which was co-founded by Dean Becker and the authors of the bestseller book “The Resilience Factor” (A. Shatté and K. Reivich). As a founder of Wit4Grit I feel very privileged to have been trained as an Adaptiv Training Facilitator personally by the CEO and Co-founder of Adaptiv, Dean Becker.

Resilience is more than ever needed to keep your performance and wellbeing sustainable. Resilience skills are essential for change management processes and leadership development. A resilient workforce can proactively drive performance, agility and reinvention providing your organization with a real and measurable competitive advantage. It can also help your employees discover more purpose, passion and engagement in their work and in the rest of their lives.

The Success Principles™ (by Jack Canfield) 

Success has become a science. A lot of research has been done on what makes people successful and the rules are “out there”. In this training based on the Canfield Methodology you will learn about the proven success principles studied by Jack Canfield for decades and put together in a success formula that has helped millions of people from 90 countries around the globe create the life and career they want. I have learned directly from Jack and as a certified Success Principles Trainer can help you succeed too. While you can learn a lot in this regard on your own, taking part in a life training opens up a lot greater opportunity to interact, practice and feel the impact of what you learn in a group setting. If applied, these principles work wonders in your personal life, team or organization.

Cross-cultural Management

Understanding and valuing cultural diversity brings you many advantages when living and working in an intercultural environment or in a foreign to your native culture. If you work for an international organization, or move to a foreign country as an expat or for private reasons, facing the reality of different ways of work and life is inevitable. You can experience the same also by simply moving to a new company or a different department. Leading multicultural teams or being part of such is becoming more of a norm than an exception. This training will give you useful insights through which you can create better intercultural synergies with your environment. This will not only make your work and personal life easier but will also help you value and recognize the beauty of cultural diversity.

Presentation Skills in English as a Foreign Language

There are many courses on presentation skills on the market. This one can be especially useful for you if you are using English as a foreign language. I have designed this course with a special focus on overcoming the language and mental barriers that can stand in your way when presenting. In addition to the more common presentation skills training, I work with speech analysis and mental strength techniques to make you more confident and more convincing in conveying your message to the audience. This way you can achieve the goals of your presentation effectively even if your English is not perfect.